5 Survival tips for parents


We are a special breed, in a position of responsibility very few have the guts for… accept, acknowledge and celebrate the fact that we are parents.

It is sad, that parents are of the most highly criticised individuals on earth.

How can we get through and over this need for surviving in the quest to raise our children and families?

1. Do your best and remind yourself, that whatever you are doing – is to the best of your ability.

2. Look within and not without. The pictures painted by our friends, colleagues and social media; is way less than perfect. We all have as many misses as hits!

3. The good values that you impart to your children are based on your world view and will seldom meet the approval of the masses. The virtue of respect is the most important and should be emphasized.

4. Keeping up with what everyone else is doing; is not only draining but also the greatest thief of souls. We lose ourselves and perspective when we attempt to follow trends.

5. Appreciate the honour of having been chosen to mould part of the future.


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