Tips for easier parenting

A busy mom needs to come up with unorthodox ways of coping on a daily basis.

What might be a complete no-no to some, is your rescue remedy. Taking a shortcut to getting things done has become my coping mechanism. At times I want to take the high road, but if the shortcut still gets me to the same destination- why bother at all!

Three children of school going age, is no walk in the park! However, I am going to sprint through these demanding and stressful years.

1. I let my kids sleep in sleeping bags!
* Saves time making beds
* Bedtime is fun time!
2. They bath the night before.
* Mornings they brush their teeth and wipe their faces.
3. I let them wash their own underwear and socks.
* Sharing responsibility and being accountable for their clothing.
4. Preparing simple meals- noodles; frying eggs,etc.
* It helps when I get held somewhere or too busy to prepare lunch.

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5. Using the city bus instead of special transport.
* They walk instead of using the bus.
6. The municipal library offers free membership and have regular programs to educate and entertain children.
* A huge saving on the cost of books and children’s shows.

Our visit to the library

Nothing too radical, but totally workable for our situation!

Moms and dads share your ideas for getting it done, in your own unconventional way. I’m ready to try any if them to improve caring for my angels.


Wash me whiter than snow!

I am extremely shameless when it comes to my admission of my utter dislike of laundry day!

Since my reconstruction into a godly woman, I recalled that ‘cleanliness is next to godliness’…I want to please the Lord with mine ways with as little as possible complaint. That means I have to wait a few more years before one of my three blessed children invent DISPOSABLE CLOTHES.

In the mean time I have got to remind myself to do it ‘as if unto the Lord’ grit my teeth at the dirt, stains and whatever else I forgot to remove from the pockets! And count it all joy and whilst feeling less sorry for myself and appreciating my ME-time.

My favourite part of laundry day has to be the  smell of fresh laundry and the sun, I don’t do driers. I sun and air-dry my threads!

Wow, the high of laundry day is remembering applicable scriptures!

Scriptural references:
1. Ps 50:9
2. Col 3:23