Wash me whiter than snow!

I am extremely shameless when it comes to my admission of my utter dislike of laundry day!

Since my reconstruction into a godly woman, I recalled that ‘cleanliness is next to godliness’…I want to please the Lord with mine ways with as little as possible complaint. That means I have to wait a few more years before one of my three blessed children invent DISPOSABLE CLOTHES.

In the mean time I have got to remind myself to do it ‘as if unto the Lord’ grit my teeth at the dirt, stains and whatever else I forgot to remove from the pockets! And count it all joy and whilst feeling less sorry for myself and appreciating my ME-time.

My favourite part of laundry day has to be the  smell of fresh laundry and the sun, I don’t do driers. I sun and air-dry my threads!

Wow, the high of laundry day is remembering applicable scriptures!

Scriptural references:
1. Ps 50:9
2. Col 3:23