Revolution of breakfast

I am a working mum with 3 kids under 12 years, my biggest pain is breakfast! On a good day my peeps get to sit down and actually eat cereal or oatmeal. On a bad day they don’t, obviously! I had to come up with an idea to feed them something that’s both tasty and nutritious, and very important cost effective. We do breakfast smoothies…this way they get to drink their breakfast whilst waiting for their transportation to school. It looks cool too as their mates always speculate about their having. The nice thing is that my blender does more than just being a display item. My recipe usually consists of raw oatmeal; bananas,milk/yoghurt/soured milk and any other fruit available. This way my eldest actually eats the bananas, and the odds of it being squashed by her books are reduced to an effective z-e-r-o. Because I prepare this with love I can not divulge any quantities. Whatever fruit is available ends up in their breakfast. I particularly liked the tropical smoothie with pineapple, apple and banana and strawberries. Did I mention that it’s quite filling? I add a dash of vanilla for aroma and intrigue!