Holiday food ideas

We tend to eat a lot more junk food over holidays as our sense of maintaining a balance during meal preparation tends to take a backseat. This holiday we had more homemade goodies than takeaway food.  I decided to prepare easy (the kids could pitch in and help) but nutritious meals. It wasn’t all bland boring stuff, it included a number of sweet treats as well.

Homemade pizza is always a winner and affords you an opportunity to clean-up the fridge.

Pizza a la bambine

Cinnamon buns easy and delicious, perfect for afternoon tea in the early autumn.

The easiest cinnamon buns ever!
Traditional South African chicken stew, prepared in a slow cooker,with ‘dombolo’ (steamed bread) and vegetables.

Dombolo’ (Steamed bread)
Chicken stew

Pancakes made by eldest, a definite favourite rolled with cinnamon sugar and sprinkled with golden syrup.

Pure decadence!

Oatmeal and banana biscuits, mixed with a handful of raisins and chunks of chocolate, prepared by my 5 year old.

Oatmeal biscuits
Decadent brownies, made by my son. He was too delighted to be finally baking all by himself.

Chocolate oozing from the brownies

Puff pastry wheels with bacon and cheese. Yummy!

‘Bollas’ a Cape Malay sweet delight. Deep fried, dipped in syrup and rolled in coconut.

Cape Malay sweet treat

Banana pancakes, easy delicious and healthy.

Banana goodness

I have to admit that the best quality time we spent, was during mealtime! Some of us are a few centimeters wider and others a bit more active, as a result of all the sugary goodness, but it was all worth it!

Share your favourite holiday treats!


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