Flourless and Uncanned

This week had been one of those weeks, where you actually wished for more of everything- hours, days, energy, and whatever else could possibly make it more joyful.

Being a multi-tasker sans excellence I found myself over committed and misunderstood all at once! My week generally consists of work without play; and at times no pay! No pay when I work on things that yield minimal dividends, are endlessly repetitive and just drains me, like trying to catch at least one of the three puppies, which slip into the house as soon as you open the door!

When will I learn? Possibly when they are adult dogs…

The longest short week

1. The Flourless Baker – Generally not a problem but I had exhausted all my stock and had not had time to replenish anything! The only alternative was to buy from the retail store and make virtually no profit.


2. The Toastmaster – I earned my angel wings for being able to sit through all the speeches of my language class. I felt like screaming; pulling out my hair and falling asleep all at once. By grace I can confirm that I am still employed and managed to remain composed despite the inner turmoil.


3. The Misunderstood Baker– A dear client misunderstood my quote and it drove me nuts! Three layered became three tiers… And I very nearly lost it because she needed the cake in 48 hours but I couldn’t help or refer her to any baker; because of her limited budget.


4. Iyanla Save Our Meeting – I enjoy doing my civic duty through participation on forums and other necessary structures; but I hate going there to listen to a person who deserves a talk show (without guests!). Whatever we discuss becomes something they’ve experienced – we discussed sanitation! The question I begged to ask was, ‘What’s your experience as a toilet?’ Yip, that’s how little self control I had by Thursday!


5. Long walk to Friday – Peace and relaxation still eluded me; extra lessons, and waiting outside my kid’s school for my son serving detention! The fourth Friday in a row! The reasons are so obscure I won’t even bother to investigate, My advise to him has been to “stay invisible!” but if you’ve got that X-factor, you can’t hide your shine!


6. Saturday Uncanned– I embarked on cleaning everything that I usually remember about, once I am in bed – like the can opener!


So what have I learned? Besides the fact that I seem to be hard of learning; I should stop looking forward to the weekend because it announces the inevitable start of another week!

Cupcakes = Charity

Cupcakes of Hope is a charity for kids who have cancer. It is an initiative which has been close to my heart since I heard about its existence.

We embarked on a Cupcakes of Hope Party at a boy’s school where I teach full time. The project entailed getting the boys to donate ingredients and decorating the cupcakes. What fun we had! Many of them showed of skills that I never anticipated they would have but they managed to surprise me, and the orientation process was done at great speed.

The female educators each baked a batch of cupcakes using a basic, but delicious recipe and the decorating was left to the Cupcake Ambassadors; two representatives from each class. Batches of fluffy frosting were prepared and the decorating process started. The boys had free reign and could do it anyway they wished; some had to ice the cupcakes others added the different toppings which ranged from sprinkles to fondant flowers , and even Turkish Delight!


The cupcake cups, ambassador badges, piping bags, balloons and flyers were supplied by The Cupcakes of Hope organisation (http://www.cupcakesofhope.org/). Thank you for helping us help you!


Our Party of Hope was a resounding success and will be added to our list of annual fundraising events!