Unsoliticed Advice

Unsolicited advice is better left unsaid, because the one seemingly in need of it; does not really need or want  to hear it. I will give it anyway!

There certain things in life you are just going to have to:

* accept or reject.

* live with or without.

* learn through or suffer through.

* acknowledge or ignore.

* submit to or oppose vehemently.

* conclude or leave open-ended.

* applaud or criticize.

* be rained on or be deserted.

* to laugh or cry about.

* value or de-value.

* enable or disable.

The list of what you can do is endless, and the choice is yours no matter what the nature of the relationship – marital; parental; or whatever the case may be.

Fighting will –

* exhaust you.

* drain you emotionally, physically and mentally.

* steal your peace.

* rob you of your sanity.

Empower yourself

* ‘fight’ the fact and set aside the emotion.

* prayer changes your perspective.

* you cannot change another.

* find the commonalities and build on them.

* you are stronger than you know.inquiry-1815788_1280.png


Parenting Perfection Zone


What you might regard as your best ploy, as a parent, to convince your children to do things your way rather than the hard way – can easily be judged as totally inappropriate by another!

I encounter this daily both as mom and teacher. There are certain methods that are of a universal nature and others that are so personal – it’s best not mentioned.

How do you enter the parenting perfection zone?

*Realise that NO so such place exists!

*Be kind to yourself, your mistakes are not unique – others have have erred as much as thou hast!

*Those who share their ‘success stories’ tend to edit out the ‘horrorific’ scenes.

*Your gut; though it sometimes feels hollow; is your good guide! Trust it!

*Black and white is for boring people! Grey has multiple shades… seize the opportunity. Sometimes you gotta wing it, before you win it!

*Laugh at your mistakes.

*Apologising to your child, is way easier than a sleepless night. Keeps them from telling you some day, how much they hated you for doing it!

The zone however, is reserved for those who’ve realised that to ‘err’ is normal and that perfect parents actually don’t exist!

So continue on thine path – crawl, stumble, fumble they will soon be older and hopefully recall your blunders with bursts of laughter!