How to eat a quarter loaf of bread


A South African favorite amongst young and old!

The ultimate indulgence whether as a snack or meal, it has become my children’s favorite holiday food.

Definitely not for the health or calorie conscious, this is real junk food!


1. CUT a loaf of bread is cut into four quarters. Cut out a square and set aside to use as lid after filling the bread..

2. SPREAD mayonnaise on the hollowed out part.

3.The art to a good quarter is in how and what you stack inside the bread.WP_20141230_029

4. My first layer is DEEP FRIED CHIPS

5. Next a royal layer of atchaar/ pickles

6.Slap on a slice of CHEESE

7.Spread some MAYONAISE/TOMATO SAUCE on the cheese

8.Add a slice of COLD MEAT/POLONY

9. Finally cover the stacked quarter with the part cut out in step one.

10.Last step SINK your teeth into it and enjoy!



Cheese Vienna pastry pockets

It’s school time and the kids need interesting but delicious food. From past experience I have learned that it is safer to prepare food that they enjoy. The trick however lies in how we present idea no.1 for 111th time! Much like singing an updated version of a 70’s song!

Creating magical pastry pockets was so easy that my 11 yr old will be responsible for its preparatio, from here onward.

1 Pack frozen puff pastry
4-6 Viennas, cut into squares
125 ml grated Cheddar cheese
Egg/milk for brushing pastry


Lightly roll out the pastry and cut into squares. Place about a tablespoon of Vienna squares in the middle, and add cheese.

Step 2

Pull opposite ends towards the middle and pinch together.

Step 3

Brush with egg or milk and bake at 160 degrees Celsius. Bake until pockets are golden or slightly brown.

Graciously 40

My state of mind on the eve of my 40th birthday.

I made a conscious decision to be 40, and better not bitter! I cannot change my poor decisions of the past, I did not know any better. I can only look forward to the next 40 years of excitement!!!

I know now beyond a doubt that God is always with me.
*He still loves me even when I fall desperately short of his will.
*He forgives me always and says that his grace is sufficient.

I look at all the great servants of God and the significance of 40 in their lives and suddenly do not feel older,but worthy of such trust from God. To me it simply means that this is going to be the most important stretch in my journey with God. I am walking in the league of Noah, Moses and Jesus.

*I have nothing to be afraid of (Ps.91)
*God is my shelter (Ps.46)
*He’s my protector (Is 43:1-2)
*My confidence is in him (Joshua 1:9)
*His plans are to prosper me (Jer 29:11)

Thank you Lord for blessing me with MY life,may I be a blessing to every person I meet.

I love you Lord.

Forgive me for I sinned against you…

I wish I had more than the normal number of digits, of the average person. I have officially run out of fingers to burn!

Making mistakes are part of learning they say…Not, have I learned. It’s amazing how the same weakness can present itself in all kinds of shapes and forms, that one easily ends up doing it all over again. You only realise that you’ve blundered-again– after making the blunder.

Like the first two sinners you want to:
1. Run and hide
2. Blame it on someone, even if it’s a snake
3. Cover it up

What truly happens in the heart of the truly repentant sinner:
1. A longing to be accepted despite their inability to break free
2. A need for forgiveness
3. A need for the presence that brings peace beyond human understanding
4. The hope that you’re still loved and accepted despite your weakness

What should the forgiver do:
1. Remind yourself that a mountain can’t throw a rock at a hill- you’re a sinner too
2. A sin confessed is fertile soil for the Word of God
3. Separate the person from the sin, continue loving, hoping and believing that God can turn it around

An individual prone to habitual sin.

Values for my beautiful black princesses

As a mother I recently realised that I have failed to acknowledge the goodness and beauty in my children, especially my two beautiful daughters.

In my quest to perfect my parenting I resolved to instill stepping stones which I regard as useful tools for raising daughters.

I wish to teach them the following values:

1. The blackness in you is priceless.

2. Beauty is not in the eye of the beholder, it’s in the heart of the giver.

3. Never forget how to forgive and forget, you will need it more often than never.

4. Set God’s standard for your life, it’s not trend based and highly unlikely to change.

5. God created you as an individual – whatever sets you apart; is your blessing no matter what the world thinks.

6. Guard your heart and your gift.

                          From your mother, who will always love you imperfectly.

Loves the camera

Always getting up to mischief, photo time!

Wash me whiter than snow!

I am extremely shameless when it comes to my admission of my utter dislike of laundry day!

Since my reconstruction into a godly woman, I recalled that ‘cleanliness is next to godliness’…I want to please the Lord with mine ways with as little as possible complaint. That means I have to wait a few more years before one of my three blessed children invent DISPOSABLE CLOTHES.

In the mean time I have got to remind myself to do it ‘as if unto the Lord’ grit my teeth at the dirt, stains and whatever else I forgot to remove from the pockets! And count it all joy and whilst feeling less sorry for myself and appreciating my ME-time.

My favourite part of laundry day has to be the  smell of fresh laundry and the sun, I don’t do driers. I sun and air-dry my threads!

Wow, the high of laundry day is remembering applicable scriptures!

Scriptural references:
1. Ps 50:9
2. Col 3:23

Trust in God means letting go!

An 8 step plan to greater trust in God

Single parenting and being a stay at home mum taught me the following lessons. I gave up my full-time teaching job to start a home run business, but things didn’t quite work out according to my plans. I ended up homeschooling two of my children. This essentially meant less time available for my home baking business. I was literally dependent on God’s provision – all my crutches were removed and replaced by faith.

Lesson 1: His ways are not mine, I only see the cover he wrote the book.

Lesson 2: Trust him with something small,he is sure to make you stagger with the magnitude of his blessing.

Lesson 3: The desires of your heart are limited to what you can see – the big mansion, expensive cars, private schools,and worldly comforts. God’s desires for you exceed the ordinary it’s closest to humanly impossible.

Lesson 4: That which you declare will manifest.

Lesson 5: That thought which was actually a prayer,will be answered. Sooner rather than later.

Lesson 6: Do not measure your success by your salary, live like a bird and dress like a lily- God is your chef and designer.

Lesson 7: A roller coaster ride can’t beat the God trusting edge it’s more exciting and the effect is everlasting.

Lesson 8: Praise be to God always for every pleasure or trial.

I would love to hear, of the times you had no other option but to trust that God will do what his Word promises?

Meat me in 2015

We normally spend our New Years day picnicking at a dam or just out with friends and family. The first day of 2015 kept us indoors due to a serious pour down!

We were compelled to modify our plans, which turned out better than expected. We opted for a braai on the patio. The menu for the day consisted of a number of items which I fortunately prepared in advance.

Braai menu (barbecue)

* Marinated lamb chops
* Wors (sausage)
* Grilled bread
* Potato salad
* Lettuce and tomato salad
* Onion and tomato gravy
* Marshmallows
* Oreos

The favourite part of the day was when my kids got to roast the marshmallows! Which were promptly placed inside the Oreo biscuit and consumed with so much gusto,that it oozed down their fingers!

A sweet end to an otherwise dreary day.