Values for my beautiful black princesses

As a mother I recently realised that I have failed to acknowledge the goodness and beauty in my children, especially my two beautiful daughters.

In my quest to perfect my parenting I resolved to instill stepping stones which I regard as useful tools for raising daughters.

I wish to teach them the following values:

1. The blackness in you is priceless.

2. Beauty is not in the eye of the beholder, it’s in the heart of the giver.

3. Never forget how to forgive and forget, you will need it more often than never.

4. Set God’s standard for your life, it’s not trend based and highly unlikely to change.

5. God created you as an individual – whatever sets you apart; is your blessing no matter what the world thinks.

6. Guard your heart and your gift.

                          From your mother, who will always love you imperfectly.

Loves the camera

Always getting up to mischief, photo time!