When life gives you lemons…

Get ready to eat it or process it into something more palatable.

I really wish I was the type which oozed positivity, but I am not. When things go wrong, I fall into a cycle of immobility whilst secretly holding on to wishful thinking, hoping that things will magically work out in the end.

Grappling with harsh realities often opens up a vulnerability whose existence one finds very difficult to acknowledge or even confront. How do you move from being strong and fearless to cowering like a frightened animal trapped in a corner? I was sinking whilst swimming but it forced me to the depth, I knew I was able to handle. So how does one work your way through an unexpected bowl of lemons? You eat it segment by segment until you are done!

I have seen more changes in twelve months than most have seen in twelve new moons. I had to re-evaluate a number of things:

  • my purpose as person and professional.
  • my definition of self.
  • how did I think others view me on a personal and professional level?
  • where I saw myself in the near future (I was unemployed at the time)?
  • whether I would sacrifice my principles for a job?
  • what my next was going to be?

I still experience the anxiety and insecurity of being unemployed and having to find creative ways of keeping up the appearance of everything being alright. I have realised that I am still paddling, but this time the paddle is different. I am more confident and determined.

The colour and taste of the lemon is determined by the your level of your tenacity.

The fact is, it is still a lemon but I have decided to colour code it and connect the taste of the lemon to my level of tenacity.

The blue represents my struggle with self-worth as person and professional.

The black represents the realisation that I was unemployed and might be for a protracted period and; the fact that having a professional qualification was no guarantee of employment

The orange signifies the disappearance of my tunnel vision. I had to acknowledge that my life had changed in a way, I had not anticipated.

The yellow is the realisation that I was going to have to get used to the stinging taste of change.

The green meant that growth was inevitable, though it was a painful process – it proved necessary!

I now have a greater appreciation for lemons, other than just its culinary properties. It is necessary when we need to change the taste on your palate from fear to courage; sinking to swimming and from stinging to sweet. May the lemons which life dishes up for you bring you abundant wisdom and courage to taste and appreciate, every segment.



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