Stolen Identity

The purpose of identity is generally so one knows and is reminded of where you’re coming from. The identity of an individual is then linked to a group and so forth. I have had my identity stolen a number of times.
How exactly have I lost my identity?

* My status has changed from single-and-too-busy ->single-and-looking->bride-to-be->MARRIED-> married-with-children-> wish-I-didn’t-get-married-> separated.
* My body transformed as much! I started out with a ‘bod to die for’->preggy bod 1-> preggy bod 2-> preggy bod 3-> I get jiggy with it, with minimum movement!
* My finances did not escape the melt down at all. My salary has always been enough with loads to spare, it migrated to -> debt orders-> bond repayments -> formula, nappies, toys, daycare & school fees->frugal -> and lately most frugal!
* Social life reduced to parent body meetings! Club scene (do they still have those!)-> party zone-> baptism preparation classes-> cyber chatting-> when last did I have coffee I didn’t brew!
* Dare I forget that I have had multiple operations in the same area for the purpose of procreation!
* My right to selfishness has been revoked entirely, with no hope of ever being restored!
* In the interim I have learned to perform despite being on the brink of  ‘total breakdown’- level unless fueled by coffee powered sanity!

That is the total transformation of a woman who, otherwise had a bright future in fabulosity!

Right now I am the woman in the car, because that’s where I am blogging from!

Idealistic mommy blogger

Ideal as defined by the Oxford South African School Dictionary means ‘ a standard that seems perfect and worth trying to achieve’. That is totally my objective with my blog!

The following 14 days I am planning on improving my blog. This is proving to be no easy task but it is not impossible by my observation.

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 I am aiming to accomplish the following:
1. Publish one post per day.
2. Increase the number of views on my blog, exponentially!
3. Attract followers, advertisers and publishers.
4. Share my posts on as many social media platforms as possible.
5. Earn money
6. Be relevant
7. Challenge myself to produce outstanding content whilst remaining true to my initial intentions for blogging.
8. Take better pictures.

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Why should anyone read, follow or advertise on my blog?
1. I totally have something to SAY!
2. Blogging is an extension of my love for journalling.
3. Somewhere out in this big, old world someone needs to be encouraged.
4. There’s nothing fake or plagiarized about my posts.
5. I want to prove to myself that I can do that which I love, and be good at it!

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1. Follow me on Google+ & Twitter @cupcakenism
2. Share my posts, and comment!
3. Advertise on my blog!

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