When love hurts…

There is nothing more debilitating than seeing someone falling victim to abuse. 

I left home determined to do a 5km walk/run, and my motivation for actually finishing was to focus on praying rather than the uphill stretches ahead. I was about to start the third mystery of the rosary -dedicated to marriages – I discovered something about prayer and exercise that just left me speechless.

I was just getting into a steady rhythm when I came across a couple in the heat of a physical fight. At first, I thought they were playing until he started dragging her back into their garage. I felt helpless, because the only other witness was clearly going to mind his own business and I was in total shock! I passed the house hoping that he wouldn’t notice that someone has actually witnessed everything; but her helpless scream made me turn back…Not entirely sure of what I was going to do. He managed to shove her into the adjoining room and was trying to lock the door. Total terror took over as I watched him pushing her back inside, as if he was fighting off a burglar!Her screaming stopped or maybe she had given up! He locked the door, closed the garage, got into his car and drove off, clearly angry.

But, what about the poor woman? 

How is she feeling(emotionally, physically & spiritually)? 

Is he going to return in a reconciliatory spirit or should she prepare herself for a continuation of the morning’s violence? 

Are all the campaigns about domestic abuse reaching actual victims or is it just politics?  

Are woman in affluent neighbourhoods as susceptible to abuse as those who live in impoverished communities?

Will intervention be interpreted as interference?

Will the police respond to an anonymous call about domestic abuse?

Hundreds of questions continue to race through my mind, but I know I should expect politically correct answers withno real help.

I was paralyzed by my inability to help someone who was clearly needed it.

My only hope is that God will bring healing into their hearts, because there will always be situations during which physical intervention can be of more harm than help. We all need some form of exercise, but even greater still we are all in need of prayer no matter the stage, situation or circumstance.

I still cannot believe what I saw; abuse is wrong for all reasonable and unreasonable reasons!


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