One tough mommy

I still have to meet a mom who knew exactly what their role as the primary caregiver of another human being would require. The role of mom is often romanticized and depicted as a cool stroll in the park. In short, we all suffer from shell shock when you realise your offspring is not textbook material, but an individual. Does that make you a bad mom? Of course, not!
However,you soon realise you have the responsibility of grooming your baby into the best person they can possibly become. I have been a mom for all of 12 years and still make the most unexpected mistakes with my kids.
But for my kids have done the following:
* Walked out on a job because of an anti-kid work environment
* Prayed for a teaching position in a 10km radius, which includes
   the daycare facility- and got it!
* Quit my job to be a single SAHM
* Home schooled two of my children
* Returned to a full time job to provide for their needs
* Sacrificed more than I care to count

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Looking back I can’t believe that I had built up such an extensive resume as a mother. How it happened is an even greater mystery! What I do recall are all the moms I met on my journey. My mother,sisters, friends, church ladies and even fellow shoppers. They knew exactly what to say and when to say it. They could see the result of the sleepless night you had, they recognised how close you were to bursting out in tears. But, they never judged you- they gave well-measured advise; held your baby so you could finish your cup of tea; offered a treat to a busy toddler- but they never judged!
That type of understanding can only come from a mother whether your baby was breastfed or bottle fed, whether you returned to work one month after the birth or never worked. The challenges of raising amazing little people, are known to moms only regardless of what we do to take of their needs. Some positions in life are so sacred that you may only raise an opinion, once you have been through the storm.
I have  been under the knife multiple times to release my babies, major surgery can be recovered from but being a mom, is a lifetime opportunity. We may not always feel confident, in our doing but you gotta faith it till you make it.
Committed to my #mommitment!

Trust in God means letting go!

An 8 step plan to greater trust in God

Single parenting and being a stay at home mum taught me the following lessons. I gave up my full-time teaching job to start a home run business, but things didn’t quite work out according to my plans. I ended up homeschooling two of my children. This essentially meant less time available for my home baking business. I was literally dependent on God’s provision – all my crutches were removed and replaced by faith.

Lesson 1: His ways are not mine, I only see the cover he wrote the book.

Lesson 2: Trust him with something small,he is sure to make you stagger with the magnitude of his blessing.

Lesson 3: The desires of your heart are limited to what you can see – the big mansion, expensive cars, private schools,and worldly comforts. God’s desires for you exceed the ordinary it’s closest to humanly impossible.

Lesson 4: That which you declare will manifest.

Lesson 5: That thought which was actually a prayer,will be answered. Sooner rather than later.

Lesson 6: Do not measure your success by your salary, live like a bird and dress like a lily- God is your chef and designer.

Lesson 7: A roller coaster ride can’t beat the God trusting edge it’s more exciting and the effect is everlasting.

Lesson 8: Praise be to God always for every pleasure or trial.

I would love to hear, of the times you had no other option but to trust that God will do what his Word promises?