We Are Blessed To Be A Blessing

I bless the Lord for his faithfulness and kindness towards me, it has been a tough journey for me since the beginning of Lent. I haven’t given up anything because I decided to give a sacrifice of praise, no greater challenge than being thankful amidst many tribulations.

When was the last time you blessed someone because God had been good to you?

I am a food blogger, not as sassy as I would like to be but one nonetheless. My savvy ways and tendency to be frugal has drawn some attention! This lead me to alert my Facebook friends and Twitter followers  of food store bargains I come across in Johannesburg. However, God had bigger better plans and laid an idea on my heart.

A true event.
A friend once used the words ‘I bless you from my overflow’ when I appeared unwilling to accept payment from her for baked goods. It meant nothing until today…

I realised that my desire to stockpile food items and find good food deals, is not only about feeding my family, but as a result of my overflow.

The godly idea I wish to share is:

*Create #Godblessyoubox at your work or church to bless any unsuspecting person/family.

*Any non perishable item is allowed.

*Mark the box “The Lord my provider”.

*The idea is to avoid anyone from feeling obliged to give but to turn each of us into ‘a cheerful giver’.

*This is not about who gives the most or most often, but about the gift of giving.

God bless you and keep you.

Image courtesy of FreeDigitalPhotos.net