How to eat a quarter loaf of bread


A South African favorite amongst young and old!

The ultimate indulgence whether as a snack or meal, it has become my children’s favorite holiday food.

Definitely not for the health or calorie conscious, this is real junk food!


1. CUT a loaf of bread is cut into four quarters. Cut out a square and set aside to use as lid after filling the bread..

2. SPREAD mayonnaise on the hollowed out part.

3.The art to a good quarter is in how and what you stack inside the bread.WP_20141230_029

4. My first layer is DEEP FRIED CHIPS

5. Next a royal layer of atchaar/ pickles

6.Slap on a slice of CHEESE

7.Spread some MAYONAISE/TOMATO SAUCE on the cheese

8.Add a slice of COLD MEAT/POLONY

9. Finally cover the stacked quarter with the part cut out in step one.

10.Last step SINK your teeth into it and enjoy!



Fat cake recipe

A South African delicacy easy to prepare and anytime treat. The beauty of this recipe is that every hand produces a fat cake different in appearance. It is enjoyed on it’s own or any topping of your choice or with soup.

Recipe for FAT CAKES
4 cups flour
1 sachet instant yeast (10g)
1 teaspoon salt
2 tablespoons sugar
2 cups of lukewarm water
Oil for deep frying

1. Place the flour,salt,sugar and
yeast in a bowl and mix lightly
by hand or with a whisk.
2. Make a well in the flour and
pour part of the water and
make a soft dough.
3. Gradually add the rest of the
water until all the flour has
been incorporated.
4. Lightly knead the dough for
approximately 5 minutes or
until dough no longer sticks to
your hand.
5. Cover and keep in warm draft
free place for +/- 20 minutes or
until double in size.
6. Knock down and let it rise for
another 20 min.
7. Remove from the bowl and
place the dough on a lightly
floured surface.
8. Flatten the dough with your
finger tips, take care not to use
too much pressure.
9. Use a glass to cut the dough and
leave to proof whilst oil is
heating up.
10. Bake in hot oil till golden
brown on both sides.
11. Serve as is, or with jam,
atchar or curry.