Blessed are the rejected!

The world’s definition of success, often blurs our view of the blessings which have been bestowed on us. We tend to believe that we are entitled to that which we desire,and fail to recognise – how blessed we already are!

I received a kind reminder from God regarding being and feeling blessed. It is as simple as it is deep. You have everything you need; enough to not feel inferior-no matter the situation!

A few years back I resigned from my teaching position and transitioned from a good life,to a life of great struggle. I learned to recognise everything as a blessing,and witnessed the greatness of God. It was hard to figure out exactly how I managed to survive despite having,virtually,no income. But the one thing I learned very well,was to recognise the hand of God; his love; mercy and provision in all things.I finally understood that whatever God gives us, is not a payment for our good behaviour – it was because of his infinite love for us. The same way we are prepared to give all and everything we have, to someone whom we love – Jesus Christ gave his life for us. Overwhelmingly profound!

It is in great adversity that we learn to conceptualise,the depth and width of God’s omnipotence. You recognise that God is the only one who can save the day. In dire moments, even the most clever plan can fail, purely because of the element of humanity embedded in our singular view of our situation. How can there be a blessing in adverse circumstances? It gives you an opportunity to come back stronger,wiser and ready to do better!

Our own idea of what being blessed means clouds our vision and triggers ingratitude. This blindness steals our peace of who we are and what we have;because our eyes are on that,which is destined for another. Our blessings are tailor made,crafted to suit each of us differently!

To be blessed is wonderful but to realise how blessed you are, is priceless!


This post was inspired by a rejection, which forced me to seek the hidden blessing!