5 truths social media tells about you


Social media has a subtle way of exposing a number of truths about its users. We are constantly bombarded with adverts and posts which often underestimates our ability to discern between truth and utter nonsense! The greatest revelation is that which we reveal in our personal capacity.

What are most personal things our posts shout out to the world?

1. Our level of stupidity. We click ‘Amen’ and ‘Yes, I believe’ when requested to boost posts – which promise to get us a one-way ticket to hell – and pictures, which were clearly photoshopped.

2. Our need for approval. We post pictures which are sometimes clearly from the need to be approved; to create the illusion of being the “It-person”.

3. The depth of dysfunction in our personal relationships or our level of loneliness. We spend our time posting about how bad partners can be; trolling others and revealing information which should have been kept as ‘personal’.

4. Our inability to distinguish between truth and fiction; fact and nonsense. We share things and agree to things that we have not bothered to research – sometimes it is something as simple as, verifying the date! Any well constructed sentence suddenly earns the right to be a quote and so many of them are misspelt – but we do not care to look deeper, we just hit the share button!

5. Our fear of individualism. We follow the superficial trends – by adding captions and promoting campaigns riddled with pictures from unrelated events. We lose who we are – for the sake of likes and shares.

Am I only talking about others? Not at all, I speak from experience and can really be grateful for the many network interruptions which have stopped many a senseless action from my side!



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