Unsoliticed Advice

Unsolicited advice is better left unsaid, because the one seemingly in need of it; does not really need or want  to hear it. I will give it anyway!

There certain things in life you are just going to have to:

* accept or reject.

* live with or without.

* learn through or suffer through.

* acknowledge or ignore.

* submit to or oppose vehemently.

* conclude or leave open-ended.

* applaud or criticize.

* be rained on or be deserted.

* to laugh or cry about.

* value or de-value.

* enable or disable.

The list of what you can do is endless, and the choice is yours no matter what the nature of the relationship – marital; parental; or whatever the case may be.

Fighting will –

* exhaust you.

* drain you emotionally, physically and mentally.

* steal your peace.

* rob you of your sanity.

Empower yourself

* ‘fight’ the fact and set aside the emotion.

* prayer changes your perspective.

* you cannot change another.

* find the commonalities and build on them.

* you are stronger than you know.inquiry-1815788_1280.png


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