Follow through…

The only term I can recall from a few tennis lessons.

Keep up the momentum!

It is so much more than just getting the ball over the net and out of your opponent’s reach. Starting anything is sometimes easier than following up and through.

This totally applies to any endeavour that’s taking your fancy – new relationship, better eating plan, studies, whatever we start with much enthusiasm. But, soon the newness wears off; and abandons us because we lose momentum. It then transgresses to the burden and draining category; and we have to find a reason for its existence. That is the tough part, to find the beauty when all the novelty has worn off. How do you get back that loving feeling?


*Recall why you made that choice.

*What were the contributing factors?


*What was the ultimate goal?

*Are there individuals who might be affected should you not follow through?


*Break it up into smaller chunks.

*Look back at how far you’ve come.

*Look for the beauty in the whatever you’ve already accomplished.

Then, follow through...





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