Cupcakes = Charity

Cupcakes of Hope is a charity for kids who have cancer. It is an initiative which has been close to my heart since I heard about its existence.

We embarked on a Cupcakes of Hope Party at a boy’s school where I teach full time. The project entailed getting the boys to donate ingredients and decorating the cupcakes. What fun we had! Many of them showed of skills that I never anticipated they would have but they managed to surprise me, and the orientation process was done at great speed.

The female educators each baked a batch of cupcakes using a basic, but delicious recipe and the decorating was left to the Cupcake Ambassadors; two representatives from each class. Batches of fluffy frosting were prepared and the decorating process started. The boys had free reign and could do it anyway they wished; some had to ice the cupcakes others added the different toppings which ranged from sprinkles to fondant flowers , and even Turkish Delight!


The cupcake cups, ambassador badges, piping bags, balloons and flyers were supplied by The Cupcakes of Hope organisation ( Thank you for helping us help you!


Our Party of Hope was a resounding success and will be added to our list of annual fundraising events!




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