An ageless mom

I am of the firm believe that children are blessings, that’s why I had one every three years, since the age of 31! That way I managed to catch up and even overtake my friends, whom had babies in their twenties. 
Pregnancy was my super power stage! It was all about me and my bump, the cosmos revolved around my growing belly. However, it also involved a number of challenges normally associated with being an older mum and having a poor gynaecological history (a story for another day!). Despite all that, I am the mom of three ‘perfect angels’.

Truth be told, the assumption is not married to the truth because of the following FIVE reasons:
1. Your friends with older kids already informed you about what to buy; which baby accessories are overrated or totally useless. You still buy all of the above and more!
2. Grandma’s remedies are best! The paediatrician was trained for this and knows even better, than your gran!
3. You don’t panic easily, because you know ‘everything’s gonna be alright!’- NOT! A friend or relative better be checking up on you and baby, on the hour!
4. You are super organised! You don’t recall under which file you saved yournewborn survival manual‘!
5. Hope, Paul, Faith and Skye are good solid names but very old fashioned, too indicative of mom’s age! Blu, Apple, Nashmita and the likes sound much more contemporary!

I set up a very restrictive criteria for the name giving process!
* The name should be 3-5 letters long
* One name was more than enough!
* It had to have a profound meaning.
* Ancestors, grandparents and other relatives had their turn already, so we needed a unique name for the new addition, to the clan!
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* Does the birth name of your babies reflect your age? 
* I’d love to know what your favourite timeless baby name is? 
* Which name would you not even consider? 
* Lastly, do you have any baby name recommendations? 


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