Five things I did not know about my kids

I have always believed that I know my kids best, until I started paying attention to how others described them, their teachers in particular. Some were shocking and others sort of confirmed a vague suspicion.

The greatest compliment any parent can hope to receive about their child, has to be ‘well-mannered; polite; disciplined or responsible’. I’m not that type of parent, my neighbours can attest to that- I shout, threaten and deal with you (in biblical terms) because it can get rowdy and noisy here. Three children and two dogs, require a touch of gangster!

This is what I heard about my bambine that shocked me!

1. The eldest, was called a ‘such a lady’! If it wasn’t for my ability to withhold emotion, I surely would’ve woken up in ICU. I’m always fighting with her to wear shoes; a dress for church or just act more girlish!

2. My son, is apparently very stubborn! OK, that might be genetic, by my own admission! He’s such a softy and my right hand man; ready to help whenever wherever, but stubborn!

3. The youngest and our resident ‘diva’ is quiet and finds it hard to make friends! Cannot be, the child I know has an opinion about everything under the sun.

4. They heard every warning, threat and promise ever made. My son reprimanded one of sisters about using the Lord’s name when angry, his exact words, “Mum,…is using the Lord’s name in rebellion!”

5. They can hold their own when it is required; they are fiercely protective of one another and their favourite line has to be, ‘don’t worry we will be OK’.

I’m looking forward to hearing more pleasing reports about my kids and not judge them based on the construction process!


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