How to eat a quarter loaf of bread


A South African favorite amongst young and old!

The ultimate indulgence whether as a snack or meal, it has become my children’s favorite holiday food.

Definitely not for the health or calorie conscious, this is real junk food!


1. CUT a loaf of bread is cut into four quarters. Cut out a square and set aside to use as lid after filling the bread..

2. SPREAD mayonnaise on the hollowed out part.

3.The art to a good quarter is in how and what you stack inside the bread.WP_20141230_029

4. My first layer is DEEP FRIED CHIPS

5. Next a royal layer of atchaar/ pickles

6.Slap on a slice of CHEESE

7.Spread some MAYONAISE/TOMATO SAUCE on the cheese

8.Add a slice of COLD MEAT/POLONY

9. Finally cover the stacked quarter with the part cut out in step one.

10.Last step SINK your teeth into it and enjoy!



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