Forgive me for I sinned against you…

I wish I had more than the normal number of digits, of the average person. I have officially run out of fingers to burn!

Making mistakes are part of learning they say…Not, have I learned. It’s amazing how the same weakness can present itself in all kinds of shapes and forms, that one easily ends up doing it all over again. You only realise that you’ve blundered-again– after making the blunder.

Like the first two sinners you want to:
1. Run and hide
2. Blame it on someone, even if it’s a snake
3. Cover it up

What truly happens in the heart of the truly repentant sinner:
1. A longing to be accepted despite their inability to break free
2. A need for forgiveness
3. A need for the presence that brings peace beyond human understanding
4. The hope that you’re still loved and accepted despite your weakness

What should the forgiver do:
1. Remind yourself that a mountain can’t throw a rock at a hill- you’re a sinner too
2. A sin confessed is fertile soil for the Word of God
3. Separate the person from the sin, continue loving, hoping and believing that God can turn it around

An individual prone to habitual sin.


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