Meat me in 2015

We normally spend our New Years day picnicking at a dam or just out with friends and family. The first day of 2015 kept us indoors due to a serious pour down!

We were compelled to modify our plans, which turned out better than expected. We opted for a braai on the patio. The menu for the day consisted of a number of items which I fortunately prepared in advance.

Braai menu (barbecue)

* Marinated lamb chops
* Wors (sausage)
* Grilled bread
* Potato salad
* Lettuce and tomato salad
* Onion and tomato gravy
* Marshmallows
* Oreos

The favourite part of the day was when my kids got to roast the marshmallows! Which were promptly placed inside the Oreo biscuit and consumed with so much gusto,that it oozed down their fingers!

A sweet end to an otherwise dreary day.


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