How to cure Compulsive Stirring Disease(CSD)

I suffer from a common but not well researched compulsion, Compulsive Stirring Disease!

The symptoms include:
1. Stirring pots of food for longer than necessary.
2. Standing in front of the stove- stirring.
3. Loading up the sink with every spoon/ladle in your cutlery drawer, used solely for stirring purposes.
4. Stirring food which should simmer.
5. Missing the reruns of your favourite series, because you were busy stirring.

There is no known cure for said dis-ease, I stumbled upon something that I believe has brought me much needed relief from the agony of CSD.

Do try this at home:
1. Invest in oven dishes of all kind.
2.Find oven friendly recipes.
3.Invest in a slow cooker.
4.Start with something easy like vegetables in your oven.
5. Google for oven/slow cooker recipes.
6. Donate all those extra ladles to a soup kitchen.
7. Slowly back away from the oven after shoving the dish in.
8. Go sit down!

My before and after pictures of the 8 step cure for Compulsive Stirring Disease.

PS. This way you use less oil!


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