Mom’s homebake business opportunity

Business opportunity for Stay-at-home-mums.

I started out my SAHM journey by quitting my fulltime teaching job and starting a home-based baking business. It soon culminated in me homeschooling two of my children. Homeschooling pushed me into playing day mum for a neighbours two young ones and a friends, little girl. Looking back I don’t know how I did it, but by grace!

I bought a franchise The Wacky Cake Heaven ( and embarked on my solo journey with very little knowledge of running a business.

The support I received from the franchisor, Tracey Williams, was amazing. She was always available to help and encourage, despite being based in the UK. Her encouraging words and regular checkups; kept me going even at moments of utter despair.

A number of opportunities exist in Johannesburg South region. SAHM you can earn whilst spending valuable time with your little ones.

The web address Looking forward to welcoming you into the Wacky Family.


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